Terms + Conditions

Purchase and Sale Terms and Conditions

Users of the Site agree to be bound by the following terms when selling and purchasing equipment through the Site. Buyer and Seller are responsible for performing any and all due diligence research before entering into an agreement to buy or sell equipment through the Site.
Device Trade provides an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of equipment, Device Trade is not the seller, transactions occur directly between the buyer and seller.
All sellers of equipment on the Site guaranty that they are the owner of the aforementioned equipment and may freely dispose of said equipment. Furthermore, all Seller warrant that equipment sold through the Site is not encumbered by the rights of third parties and that to date, they have not received any warnings of potential litigation or preliminary injunctions against the equipment that have not been disclosed to Buyer.
All buyers of equipment understand and agree that it is their sole responsibility and duty to perform all necessary due diligence before entering into any agreement to buy equipment through the Site.
Buyers and sellers shall be solely liable and responsible to each other only for damages that are based upon their failure to perform the necessary steps to complete any sale and purchase of equipment through the Site.
For buyers and sellers who transact on the Site, both parties agree that processing of payment of the purchase price and facilitating the transfer of control of the equipment shall be conducted by Device Trade. The parties understand that Device Trade may charge a fee and agree that such fee will be paid by the parties according to the related terms of use. Furthermore, the parties acknowledge that any fees owed to Device Trade is due at the effective date of the agreement to buyer and seller of equipment, regardless of the closing of such.
Buyers automatically enter into contracts to purchase equipment from a seller if their bid is accepted by the seller or if they accept a seller's offer to sell. Give careful consideration when making or accepting offers. A buyers use of the Site requires buyers to pay for the Device(s) that they have committed to purchase through the Site. Buyers who refuse to follow through with Device(s) offers that have been accepted by the seller are potentially liable to the Seller for breach of the sales contract to which both are parties.
If your offer to sell equipment is accepted, you must complete the transaction with a ready, willing, and able buyer. Accepting an offer constitutes a contract for sale. Once an offer has been accepted the buyer has a legal right they can seek to have enforced in a court of law.
If a Seller has failed to follow any of these terms and conditions, and refuses to complete a sale after payment has not been sent or if payment has not been refunded you may report the seller to Device Trade by submitting an email through our contact us page. While it is your right to seek judicial enforcement of your agreement with a seller, Device Trade may choose to issue a formal warning, a
temporary suspension of the seller’s account, or cancelling their account. When filing a complaint against a seller it is important to include any documentation of the seller's refusal to complete the sale with the full message text and complete email headers. Our Privacy Policy prevents Device Trade from discussing the result of an investigation.