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BTL: Exillis

BTL: Exilis

BTL: Exilis

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Product Details

Manufacturer: BTL

Model: Exilis


- 33 x Grounding Pads

- Accessories

- Promotional Marketing Materials (banners, fliers etc.)

- Operating Manual

Age: 2022 

Condition: Excellent - Flawless appearance with no visible scratches. Screen has no defective pixels and the touchscreen works.


What is the Exilis?  BTL Aesthetics has created a one-of-a-kind skin tightening treatment device for those looking to improve the appearance of their skin in different areas of the body. Combining radiofrequency with ultrasound energy, the BTL Exilis can tighten skin from your head down to your toes.  With its safe, controlled heating and cooling, the energy is delivered to various depths in the tissue without causing any pain. With the BTL Exilis, the ultrasound energy penetrates the skin at its deep layers to create a contraction in the collagen fibers of your skin. This causes your body to rapidly produce a significant amount of collagen to create a tighter, smoother look and feel to your skin. With the cooling process, it protects your skin from the heat of the treatment.

*Part of our offering is that we recertify the devices, however, with this particular device, we do not offer this.

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Device Trade was easy to work with and extremely helpful on negotiations and helping us when we had an issue. I would highly recommend and will be using them when I need another machine
We’ve had opportunity to work with Device Trade on the purchase and sell side.  They do a fantastic job of pairing the right two parties and facilitate clear communication between both parties.  Simple professional online process as well. Good work!
Dustin C @ Brickhouse
Device Trade are the only site we recommend to buy our used devices from.
Simon @ Artemis Distribution